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The fear of missing out is too much for people to overcome.

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I'ts not just that. Kids have less freedom than they had in the past. Less freedom, less control in what they actually do. Less opportunities for work competing with all the spics. What is it now, 1/3rd of the US is Mexican? Now adays kids cant even cut grass to earn extra cash cause they have to compete with Senior Lopez and his merry band of illegals. Cant earn money, parents are poor too, neighborhoods went to shit before you were born... you see where this is going for a kids future.

That phone gives em some dopamine on the cheap though.

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Suicide is the ultimate missing out

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Yea, I've seen that phrase a lot.. FOMO.. faggits. I will admit, I dont get invited to a lot of things my normie friends do and then ill get a call wondering where i am. But then again, it's usually normie things so I dont care too much but it does suck sometimes.

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Ya, don't want to be the only one who doesn't kill themselves...

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bullshit. all depression comes from not achieving ones dreams. If one dreamt of having lots of friends then maybe this would be a consideration.

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that's what your mum said last night as a pack of spix gave her the beef borrito