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7 jews putting in work down voting this.. 25,000 years of expericne say no fucking way those buidlings came down the way the official story says... some jew jdif these people are conspiracy nuts they have no expertise and or experience i though with a degree in female gender inequality do know for sure that the official story is thd only story and if you disagree you have mental problems.

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They are brave. Last person who was expert on the subject of demolitions of buildings and analyzed the Twin towers event in a documentary. He had a little (((Accident))).


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Nice post. I like how this guy tries to not be stumped and tries to back track but cant really.. shits hillarious people believe the official story and not there own fucking eyeballs.

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I heard some things about A&Efor911 that they only accept one version of theory of how exactly they were brought down and that's thermite demo. I remember seeing some lady's video about energy weapons and how cars blocks away were destroyed, like a blast of something came down the street. Also how they tried to silence or dismiss her theory of Direct Energy Weapon. If I find the video or something from her i'll post it.

Edit: Judy Wood I believe was her name

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Probably because the amount of energy required to do that, and do it at an extreme range remotely, would be astronomically high. To the point where such a weapon just isn't feasible. Thats what always turned me off on the theory, but who knows, military 30 years ahead and all that. Better quality version that I'm watching now:


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Frequencies I believe can destroy structures, I mean they make soldiers change step crossing bridges because there's cases of companies or regiments of soldiers marching in unison across bridges and collapsing it.

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Have you seen the pictures of the 9/11 cleanup where they were hauling away the rubble and there was still pools of molten steel weeks after the collapse happened? I think I remember that being a key piece of evidence for the nano-thermite/thermate theory as there was no other method of demolition that would keep steel hot enough to be in a molten state for weeks.

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She mentions that in the video.

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Which is a retarded theory because thermite wouldn't have anything to do with molten steel weeks later. Thermite is immediate and fast in it's chemical reaction. You would need prolonged heat. The kind of heat that would come from thousands and thousands of pounds of molten steel encapsulated in thousands and thousands of pounds of concrete that was heated for hours by burning jet fuel.

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We all know the Jews did it ,. The Jews love War. Whats the Mossad Unit Motto ??????? "BY WAY OF DECEPTION , THOU SHALT DO WAR." Thats a Motto of a Terrorist Unit

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15 downvoats on this?!

Holy shit, you must be over the target. This is something that needs to be looked into more carefully.

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Hats off to this engineer, basically reverse engineered the technical side of what "tools" the jewsish students, cough: mosad, from that "moving company" used. Makes every other "expert" look like an asshat who should have their engineering credentials revoked at the very least.


We sleep. They live.

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I think the Twin Towers came down to structural issues and melted steel. With the size of the building and the momentum carrying it down it would have created an explosion like sound. Building 7 was pulled by Silverstein to try to hide connections between the 9/11 attacks and Saudi/Haliburton/Israeli factions.

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You clearly have no concept of how long it takes to rig a large building for demolition.

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No, I do not, do you mind telling me what it would take in fact? I would expect that it would take some time to do it, but maybe I am wrong.

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I’m betting the majority of the people commenting here aren’t old enough to actually remember the day as an adult, much less be in the vicinity to see it happen.

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