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I wouldn't mind switching to linux, up until recently I've been managing well enough with just blocking all the updates and such. The other issue is I've heard a lot of games don't really work as well or at all on linux which would mean I'd have to either not play them or switch between systems. I'm not against switching though microsoft is gay


[–] GumbyTM 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Many games can be made to work in Linux, many won't. At least yet.

If playing games outweighs your desire to not be abused by companies then you'll need to learn to 'like it'. Or switch to a passively abusive form or escapism like the NFL.

Here's a free, different kind of game you could check out. You play over an ssh session and when done you'll have some serious terminal skills. Think Hacker Zork.

Try some of their other games and when you get done you will be able to exploit some real world PCs.


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Really hope Valve pulls off that Steam for Linux thing.

It would be wonderful.