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+1 for Linux Mint Cinnamon. It's a damn good "gateway distro".


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that's why I recommended that one. I prefer Antergos cinnamon myself because it's cutting edge and has the AUR repository for stuff I normally can't find. I believe everyone that is sick of windows 10 should try it at least to see how good an OS linux is. I tried Ubuntu a couple times with different DE's and didn't care for it at all where mint cinnamon I fell in love with instantly or within a few minutes when I realized a bootup shouldn't take over 5 minutes to go onto the internet, now with my new SSD I am on the internet in less than a minute after pressing the power button and my led TV actually takes longer to start than the boot time and when the tv does finish I am at the login already and it takes just 5 seconds after logging in to click my browser because I'm instantly connected to my wifi with no waiting like windows 10 and I also don't have an antivirus slowing my ass down because linux doesn't have shit for viruses to worry about and unless you actually let something run stupidly you are pretty safe like "do you want to allow crypt.exe run?" Hell no I don't want ransomware.