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Delete system 32. Should take care of all the telemetry spying

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If that doesn't work "format c:" should do the trick.

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You mean format HDA don't you?

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Install linux, it's faster and more stable and you control updates. I update all the time in minutes and no reboot and I can do whatever I want including being here posting or commenting during the update itself. I recommend https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3597 is linux mint cinnamon. It's very easy to install and can be installed alongside windows and is very similar to windows so there is a very small learning curve and the software store is literally free and the stuff you install will also update. The installer has a live version so you can try out the OS totally before even trying to install it and it is actually faster "twice as fast in my case" as windows and you'll never go back unless you have some application that has no replacement like some games but on the other hand if you install it next to windows you can use windows for games and linux for internet etc and it's more secure so most viruses don't affect us and those pages with fake links leading to a page that say windows has detected a virus don't do that in linux at all and some webpages load a lot faster also without the windows tracking stuff being loaded and my internet connection went from downloads at 80k max to now up to 5MB depending on the site. It's all good and I went as far as totally deleting windows that came with the computer and the ghost image at the end of the drive in case of an emergency. You need to at least try it out and if you have trouble boot into windows and ask away because most of us linux users are most than willing to help out for a new user. Forgot to mention if you want to game you can install steam and many games are linux compatible.

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+1 for Linux Mint Cinnamon. It's a damn good "gateway distro".


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that's why I recommended that one. I prefer Antergos cinnamon myself because it's cutting edge and has the AUR repository for stuff I normally can't find. I believe everyone that is sick of windows 10 should try it at least to see how good an OS linux is. I tried Ubuntu a couple times with different DE's and didn't care for it at all where mint cinnamon I fell in love with instantly or within a few minutes when I realized a bootup shouldn't take over 5 minutes to go onto the internet, now with my new SSD I am on the internet in less than a minute after pressing the power button and my led TV actually takes longer to start than the boot time and when the tv does finish I am at the login already and it takes just 5 seconds after logging in to click my browser because I'm instantly connected to my wifi with no waiting like windows 10 and I also don't have an antivirus slowing my ass down because linux doesn't have shit for viruses to worry about and unless you actually let something run stupidly you are pretty safe like "do you want to allow crypt.exe run?" Hell no I don't want ransomware.

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Yeah alright you got me, it looks intriguing enough. My biggest hurdle is the games though

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There are many games for linux, there was one but as usual I'm broke that I found by typing the search "diablo 3 type game for linux" it looked pretty cool when I found a video of it on youtube and it was $20 or less and that is a good price for a good rpg nowadays. I believe if you look you could find some games you'd like but you have to search and unlike windows an update won't kill your games. Some windows games will work with linux and if worse comes to worse you can run windows in a virtual machine though I'd recommend windows 7 or xp if you'd like to run older games that won't run on win 10 because it won't play xp games with copy protection as I found out which ruled out a few hundred dollars worth of games I owned so switching to linux was ok since my games were trash thanks to MS and win10.

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Check out steam play/proton. Valve is integrating wine and dxvk to make windows games work in Linux by simply installing them via steam client and all the other shit installs in the background.

Not all games are supported but they're making huge gains. Reddit had a good sub for it but idk about on voat

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I said there was a game I like and this is it. Took me a while to find since I had no clue of the name but a decent search found this game called torchlight 2 and here is a video of it on linux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74CJPntEeBg . This one is Pillars of Eternity which is like Baldurs Gate series with multiple player parties though the guys making this video are idiots they actually show the making of characters and stuff also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98ldtkQygrM . Hope this gives you a reason to check out linux since these seem like great games.

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Also check youtube for video's of installing it or trying it out so you can see it before downloading. I'd also recommend using a usb stick because it is a lot faster on the installation than a dvd is though an extra dvd is great for a backup.

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ssounds like your router driver was set to 100k or something.

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Nope, same router same computer only difference was changing windows for linux and it was instantly faster and more stable.

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Thank you

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I have been using spybot anti-beacon with good luck too. It deploys group policy restrictions on all of the fun remote registry and telemetry stuff.

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Honest question, what kind of abuse would it take from MS for you to finally try a different OS?

Have you ever considered how much you could have learned about linux with the time you spend fighting MS?

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I wouldn't mind switching to linux, up until recently I've been managing well enough with just blocking all the updates and such. The other issue is I've heard a lot of games don't really work as well or at all on linux which would mean I'd have to either not play them or switch between systems. I'm not against switching though microsoft is gay

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Many games can be made to work in Linux, many won't. At least yet.

If playing games outweighs your desire to not be abused by companies then you'll need to learn to 'like it'. Or switch to a passively abusive form or escapism like the NFL.

Here's a free, different kind of game you could check out. You play over an ssh session and when done you'll have some serious terminal skills. Think Hacker Zork.

Try some of their other games and when you get done you will be able to exploit some real world PCs.


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Just delete Windows 10 or blow up your PC.

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I don't know the answer to the questions you're asking, but you may have better luck with Linux or a BSD operating system.

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Id suggest robolinux for a fresh windows migrator https://www.robolinux.org

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Nothing to worry about. The jews just had to put some new tracking and monitoring software on your computer. If you try to remove it you'll end up on a list.

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I would rather be on the list for the people that removed the trackers then them watching what I do

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Im quite curious about your porn habits now... you must be into some seriously sick shit

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I found ShutUp10 but no one has heard of it so I don't know how effective it is.

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