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Hell instead give humans a badge so the robots or system is aware of their location so they can program on the fly to avoid the workers as in a technician on the floor to fix or retrieve a robot that is down and many other reasons. This is ridiculous means to let someone on the floor.

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Accidents happen; it only makes sense to have some safety factor. Beyond the cage going up questionably far, this seems like a minimalistic bumper car.

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How is this different from a forklift?

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You can open and close the door on a forklift

On this one... Only bezos can...

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I am becoming more and more convinced that we are currently living in the dystopian cyberpunk future. I've enjoyed much media regarding that and general sci-fi. I think that if you look around you will find much of the "future tech" and the "future dystopia" that books/movies/manga/comics/etc from yesteryear depict is already here.

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Not yet - I don't have my cyberjack.

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No, but you have a phone capable of much the same sort of stuff. Granted it doesn't look like what the movie/media imagined it would be. Most of it would be modifying text files and uploading them to the right place at the right time.

There's VR stuff going on now that could make hacking look more "cool" but it would be much the same... Modifying text files, etc.

I liken it to looking at books from the 1800's describing how flying would work.

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Okay. Does it come with a chamber pot, or do we bring one?

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Bring your own evidently, this isn't a charity

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Amazon says it never implemented the technology and has no plans to, but the design appeared to be an effort to allow humans to safely enter robot-only zones in Amazon’s highly-automated depots to make repairs or pick up dropped objects.

yeah right.

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This is for the new season of Battlebots.

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Ok.... I can be down with this.