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WRONG! GOOGLE is political party biased!

Over 90% of Google's workers are DEMOCRATS and their management are democrats according to this weeks news articles.

Google routinely censored ONLY pro-trump and pro-republican links, and Google own's youtube and does the same there.

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I don't know how to make things big and bold, but I will show that you are full of shit, and the person you replied to is spot on.

Google has its interests and pursues them at all times regardless of who is in power.

Just a few weeks ago john mccain died (thank god). At the time, the political left declared their love for such a statesman, but when he was running for election he was an evil racist nazi and all his backers were nazi's (sounds familiar right).

The political parties are controlled opposition for globalists.

Democrats and Republicans for far too long have been and continue to be a deep state uniparty.

One hopes that when the civil war starts though that the main trunk lines to california are snipped so we can release the globalist grip on the internet for a while.


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Hoo, they brainwashed you good.

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You place too much value in (((Education)))