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Has nothing to do with political parties.

Yeah, the Dems are bad, but besides Trump and a handful of others, where are the Repubs riding in to the rescue? Making laws against criticizing Israel, that's where. The problem is the (((Globalist))) world order.

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WRONG! GOOGLE is political party biased!

Over 90% of Google's workers are DEMOCRATS and their management are democrats according to this weeks news articles.

Google routinely censored ONLY pro-trump and pro-republican links, and Google own's youtube and does the same there.

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I don't know how to make things big and bold, but I will show that you are full of shit, and the person you replied to is spot on.

Google has its interests and pursues them at all times regardless of who is in power.

Just a few weeks ago john mccain died (thank god). At the time, the political left declared their love for such a statesman, but when he was running for election he was an evil racist nazi and all his backers were nazi's (sounds familiar right).

The political parties are controlled opposition for globalists.

Democrats and Republicans for far too long have been and continue to be a deep state uniparty.

One hopes that when the civil war starts though that the main trunk lines to california are snipped so we can release the globalist grip on the internet for a while.

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Hoo, they brainwashed you good.

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This Sunday treachery is almost as bad as Apple on Friday night just a few days ago BANNING downloads of Alex Jone's NUMBER ONE HIGHEST DOWNLOADED NEWS APP OF ALL OF AUGUST 2018. Banned forever for hate and bullying CNN, and now Google does the same to Gab app.

"HATE SPEECH" in a app means apps that "conservative people I dont like discussing their conservative views. Waaah!"

A Leftist can't debate a conservative because facts and data annoy them and they only use emotion ... Reeeeeeeeee!

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https://tweetsave.com/getongab/status/1038759713024798720 :

Gab.ai on Twitter: "That was fast.

This shows Google’s clear anti-competitive targeting of Gab.

In this version of the app we had a global filter on “hate speech” words.

We were compliant with this policy.

Or were we? “Hate speech” is subjective. Google could think “crayon” is hate speech.… /0eh7lDjKH0"

This has been an automated message.

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They are shutting things down now because there's going to be more truth bombs before the elections.

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Can't have conservatives handing out red pills. Especially how well the economy is doing.

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gab is an uncontrolled competitor of twitter, which is in well with alphabet / odeo. It never had a chance

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Stop putting a space in front of your punctuation! WTF is wrong with you?

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Op is disabled using speech to text and hasn't figured out how to backspace yet.

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Its actually the correct way to do.it in every single.country in the world outisde the US

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And here you are using periods instead of spaces. Learn the language. Punctuation is part of the language.

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English is the language used on the internet. Go speak your foreign jibber-jabber in some off-brand place.

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Still available on aptoide.

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Censoring crap via google against Trump supporters this year, might help aptoide become more relevant.

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