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It will need a social media like access portal, where a small crypto$ bond is necessary to make an account, and an account is necessary to access the meshnet. When a post/transaction/message gets flagged, moderators are randomly selected from a pool of members with good reputations to take care of disputes, spam, and abuse and could be incentivized with a portion of the forfeited bonds of users that end up getting banned. The ID's of the users and mods are anonymized during the moderation process to avoid favoritism. Daily post limits correspond with positive feedback up to certain point where a user's daily allotted bandwidth is reached.

The hardware is everywhere and the open source programs out there are close enough that modifying/combining them shouldn't be too hard. Modded diaspora or steemit + batman or cjdns or firechat for example. I haven't looked into it in a long time though.