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I had great fun at 1200.. baud.

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I miss that dial up sound! Made it feel so NASA!

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I had great fun at 1200.. baud.

2400 baud for me Lol

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Yeah, but 1200 baud didn't have the advertising/tracker bullshit overhead eating bandwidth. To load 1 page now, you have 200 requests.

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NoScript is your friend!

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This is about Ethernet port speeds, not your Internet speeds you illiterate fucks.

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What do you think they use to build the internet? Did you notice the distance specs for one of the modules in the article?:

The 400-Gbps modules provide reaches of 2 km (QSFP-DD FR8) and 10 km (QSFP-DD LR8) using eight 50-Gbps lanes with PAM4 modulation.

Who the fuck needs those distances for a LAN?

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Large corporate campuses with cables snaking everywhere.

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Many people. Dark fiber between datacenters is a thing.

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My country is in the process of building a new national broadband network that originally promised 100mb/s with a near future upgrade to 1gb/s in the works. They then gutted it because "no one needs that speed" so the max speed that can be delivered is 100mb/s and that's only if you're lucky enough to have fibre and not rotting copper to your door.

If I had my way I'd never change over to the nbnco network but thanks to a forced nation wide monopoly soon there will be no choice. Fucking hell I hate the Australian government. They're nothing short of jewish super heroes.

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They gutted it because Rupert Murdoch didn't want to lose his foxtel monopoly.

That and (((Malcom Turnbull))).

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PAM4 modulated signal has four amplitude levels and three eyes.

... this ... this just blows my mind.

The encode / decode sequence? The error correction? Accounting for drift over non ideal cables? Having multiple encoders / decoders all working in parallel and getting everything sync'd? This is insanity.

The fact that they are trying to do this just rocked my world a bit.