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There isn't one giant public internet owned by the xyz government or private corporation. The internet is an amalgamation of many private networks, and some public. Major telecoms companies own a lion's share of the total sum. These organizations come together and decide how to allow one another access to each other's networks, and what gets allowed on their own networks. When you sign up with a telecom's company, you agree to its terms of service. So far, the internet has avoided the same fate as the telephone, being declared a public utility. Until that happens, you have no say.

So what can we do? Write your congressman and tell them how you feel about the internet and what it meas to you. Perhaps inform them that you wish the internet to be declared a public access utility like the telephone was, assuming you feel the need for this to happen. Spread your beliefs about the internet to others, and encourage them to be vocal on their stance. Remaining silent means telecoms and government believes you are content with being exploited.

Continued support for the major power players like Verizon, AT&T, etc, means that we will never have an internet owned by the people. Networks must be kept small, perhaps owned by your local municipal government and contracted out to service providers. I can hear moans already, and yes, this opens up the door to monopolized municipal exploitation. Seriously though, I can't think of many ways to make an internet owned by the people without government usurping ownership of privately owned property. We have to explore a middle ground first before we can demand ownership of other people's shit.