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Consequently, while Windows 7 users have long been able to laugh at the ongoing problems of Windows 10 users, it now appears it will be those users who upgraded for free who will get the last laugh…

No, losing a great portion of market share to Linux will be the last laugh.

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Linux Mint is for newbies

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Linux Mint is where all newbies to linux should be heading.

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But they won't lost a great portion of their market share. This is in 2020, after extended support for Windows 7 is ended and only for folks who want support. Most folks still on 7 at that time also won't notice that they aren't getting updates anymore.

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Most folks still on 7 at that time also won't notice that they aren't getting updates anymore.

Presumably this is because Microsoft abused Windows Update by delivering nagware that they disguised as an update that resolves issues with Windows.


Yep, this is the update that installed the Get Windows 10 notifications program, though there's no way for you to figure it out from the name or the description. I confess that when I run Windows, I too disable updates. But I only ever run Windows on machines without network drivers now, because I consider it malware, and the company that produces it has no concept of ethics or honesty. In order to piss those of us off who figured out the actual nature of KB3035583 and thus blocked it, Microsoft continuously pumped out new versions of "KB3035583" that would sidestep the choice we made not to be offered it again, and so it would be automatically installed again and again behind our backs. Hint, if I say I don't want KB3035583, then I DON'T FUCKING WANT KB3035583 being installed. So like I said, Windows is malware.

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Welcome to Linux my friends!

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Temple OS

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Maybe for some. I'll stick with Linux

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Fuckin' glow in the dark CIA niggers

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Title is misleading. This is about "after end of life" support and is something they haven't done before except in "special deals" such as the Navy and other armed forces paying MS a contract fee to continue to support windows XP because it's far more expensive to upgrade.

Worse still, as it stands, Microsoft is currently only making this offer to Windows 7 Professional customers in Volume Licensing

This is a step of from previous practices where anyone in volume license programs can take advantage of this now.

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Folks love to shit on M$, but at least they are providing a way to get updates for a fucking 11 year old OS when they stop official support. Anyone still running 7 in 2020 probably won't even notice they aren't getting updates anyway.

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11 year old OS from which win10 is built so directly from that the drivers are backwards compatible. Kindly remember little details like that.

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"Upgrade" You spelled "fuck your computer up" wrong.

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As soon as Windows 7 support is dropped, I'm migrating Mom to Linux. (already did so myself) I've already gotten her accustomed to it on her laptop after Windows broke due to an automatic update.

Ever since Microsoft transformed Windows into a spying and heavy handed product, ("you will install ALL updates whether or not you want them; we will nag you incessantly to switch away from third party software that you went out of your way to install") I actively refuse to support Windows or the company that produces it.

This is how we punish Microsoft; if all the "free support" guys refuse to fix home Windows machines, we can cause their market share to drop in the consumer market. Microsoft can consider it revenge for the deceitful and abusive tactics that they used to spread Windows 10, such as cutting off Windows 8.1 support on new CPUs early, and disguising GWX as an update that "resolves issues in Windows" in order to sneak it's actual payload past people like a trojan.

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I charge $50/hour for hardware, $75/hour for software, and $150 for Microsoft.

When people ask, I tell them it's a $75/hour fee for doing work hazardous to my health. I'm allergic to malware.
If they don't like my fees, Best Buy/Geek Squad is that way.

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Not a damn thing we do is punishment to Microsoft. They hate consumers and don't give a fuck what we do. They already focus on Enterprise software only, and some consumer games. Windows Home is expected to shrivel up over the next decade as consumers move to using smartphones and kids that grew up on Chromebooks keep using them. Microsoft 365 is their next push to lock corporations into paying monthly for an all-in-one solution, including cloud services. That's where the deep pockets are and will stay..

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Title is shit. This is not some new "Windows as a Service" thing. When Windows 7 hits end of support in 2020 you have to pay if you want new updates. Windows 7 will be 11 years old at that time. They already do this to businesses. You can still use Windows 7 for as long as you want but there will be no more updates.

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They also disable the activation servers. You will have to talk pajeet to get an install activated (unless you install the proper version of win7, you figure it out. Hint: you don't pay for it).

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i should start getting used to linux

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Time to start playing with new OS. TempleOS and Linux seem to be the way to go. I don't game online anymore, anyways.

I love how they try use fear tactics to scare users into upgrading. "Security holes big enough for hackers to drive a truck through." Here is an idea, encrypt the data...

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