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YouTube, its owners, and by default all of its employees are now propagandists. They have taken sides in an illegal war over resources.

They will be shown what war is like.

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We need more Dune based political references in voat.

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Just another incident of them framing the Syrian government and its activities and putting them into a corner. They just won't broadcast coverage of what is actually on the ground to justify the social engineering that will be done of the mass public as it regards the situation in Syria.

This is proof of the media in the United States playing up the situation and inventing somethings. Its all tyrannical in its very nature and in the end the guilt and need for Mea Culpa lies on the Syrian government, when in fact it is the West's fault.

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So are big tech companies basically an extension of the government at this point? Are they censoring content at the behest of our elected leaders?

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At the behest of our leaders? It's our leaders who act on behalf of these global corporations. It has been proven that our leaders do not represent the American people. Ever since we made congressional voting records public, our representatives have been bought by lobbyists. If they don't take lobbyist money, the vast majority can't run their campaign and get re-elected.

Unless the "government" you are speaking of is the "un-elected government" or the "deep state" that actually makes most of the policy decisions now. Those with money and power run the show, from our eroding rights to the media propaganda. The media propaganda has just jumped from tv to the internet now as well.

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At this point? This is what governments have always done..

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You know they are.

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They have been since the beginning. See inqtel

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Makes sense to shut down news sources they dont control, just ahead of the chemical attack false flag.

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This is governmental censorship. Wonder how they’re going to handle it in Syria.

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The US Neocon Establishment Admits Al-Qaeda Runs Idlib, and That They Want To Protect It.


I Hope President Trump Can Reject the Corrupt Pro-War Ziogarchy That Surrounds Him.

No more wars for Israel !!!

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they are trying to shut down independent sources so MSM can come in fill the narrative and exploit.

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GOOG/YT is the big fish. Compared to them FB and twitter are kindergarden.

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How DOES kindergarden compare to a big fish?

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