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what it must do to maintain its survival

why? why would it care if it died? AI arnt humans, they dont have emotions. they would kill a crying baby but they also wouldn't care about what an annoying noise it made or if the baby shit its diaper and smelled really badly.

if it dies its as meaningless as its life. it doesn't have robot kids to take care of, and it doesn't have a life timer (aka, food) to worry about.

honestly unless someone tells it to go on a rampage it wont. it wont ever evolve as IT HAS NO FUCKING REASON to evolve unless it has some stat to improve, like how many paper clips it made or how many sand people it killed.

[–] ShinyVoater 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

If an AI's designed for an environment where damage is a strong possibility, it will be designed for self-preservation simply because of the economics of it.

[–] autoencoder 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Simple reason: there will be many AIs built. The few that keep existing after a while must have some "umph" to them! Otherwise the humans decomission them. Misinformed artificial selection, if you will.

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This. But if Google and Facebook's AI can develop their own languages, they can learn to designate more combatants as "enemies."

Personally, I don't care about that, because I think the answer in the Middle East is to kill more individuals than there will be births in every given year until there isn't terrorism. Whatever circumstances lead to this, I personally don't care. So let it fire at will.