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One of the most cogent points he makes is that a company is a type of collective AI. Joe completely missed it :/

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An independent entity with collective intelligence might be better phrasing. The humans in the collective are making decisions based on the interests and needs of the entity (institution, company, whatever) that may be against their own interests or morality at some level. Companies do many things that are against the interests of humans and they last much longer than any individual element. They are absolutely ruthless in attempting to survive and they reward or punish the individual elements (the humans that work for it) based on their effects to its health. Very few companies manifest the will of the progenitor for more than a very short time after that single mind that can actually control them is gone or loses sole power.


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There is an interesting argument to make about complex societal organizations behaving as an AI, also, certain animal colonies could enter this fascinating subject.

Think of it not as an actually intelligent creature but more like a survivalist intelligence where the individual elements of it (i.e. the humans), devolve from an actually intelligent entity to a simple cell in a bigger organism.

Granted, rather than AI perhaps a better comparison would be an artificial creature.

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