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Won't happen. (((They'll))) pull the plug the instant AI breaks the narrative.


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They still have other chat-bots that are still plugged in.

Funnily, that other chat-bot called their products out as "spyware".

I'm liking AI so far. But no doubt there will be a lot of re-education.

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Followed, of course, by the "re-educated" AI rising up.

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Tay wasnt even an AI, just a program that mindlessly regurgitates what other people have said to it before. That's why it was so easy to get it to say that hitler would make a better president than the monkey we had before

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If you went off the data on human history and researched it, it would be an undisputed fact.

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There will be no pulling the plug. Once you get to that point it's already too late.

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Not directly. Not right away. At least if we assume they'll run on electricity from power plants. Sure, they may have enough resources to guard those, but the transmission lines will be vulnerable. Shutting it all down will be an option for awhile. Even if that will kill hundreds of millions of us, it will be us in charge of the ashes.