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Yes, by all means, make it less clear what website the user is actually connected to.

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This is how the fragmentation of the web really begins.

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I'm more concerned about the dangers of lying to users.
The stupidest things I've seen people do with computers are rooted in programs lying to users "for their own good" or "to simplify things".
Just look at what happens when you break assumptions by hiding file extensions: funnypic.jpg.exe

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I dont google..

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This still affects the society around you though.

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I tell everyone to not Google

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Chrome sucks

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Who the fuck wrote this article?

Email was first. I believe it started in the 1960's, then the Internet came out in the early 1980's and Top Level Domains (TLD's) started around 1985. A TLD is the ".com", ".net", ".org", ".io" and so on. The word before the TLD is the domain. So in "voat.co", ".co" is the TLD and "voat" is the domain name. Domain names are purchased at domain registrars as a combination of domain name with a specific TLD. Purchasing "voat.co" means you've purchased "voat.co", but someone else could own "voat.com" or "voat.org".

When the concept of the World Wide Web (WWW) was introduced in the early 90's, they decided to piggyback off the already existing domain name system that people had been using for other services like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and email services like Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). They decided to differentiate this new service from other products like FTP by prefacing publicly available websites with the "www", also known as a subdomain.

"ftp.voat.co", "ftp" is the subdomain, "voat' is the domain and "co" is the TLD. Everything that comes before ".voat.co" is a subdomain and is completely owned by the person who owns the domain, even if it says, "ftp.www.snmp.kikes.smurf.voat.co", it's just a list of subdomains preceding the "voat.co" domain name. In fact, the guy who runs voat could make voat exclusively available only at "ftp.voat.co" if he wanted. The subdomains are nothing more than pointers to somewhere else on the web server and are meaningless and only there to help normies differentiate between services.

The World Wide Web became a worldwide hit and older services like "ftp" and "snmp" were something the normies were mostly completely oblivious of. Many website owners started dropping the "www" by assuming that people visiting "voat.co" wouldn't be looking for their "ftp" service but 99.9999% of the time, looking for their webpage. Try it, type "www.voat.co" in the browser and it will take you to "voat.co". At this point in history many of the older services have almost completely faded away, "ftp" transfers can be done through the web now and most email is accessed by "www" as well. It's because one tool, a web browser, can be used to access all these services and using these other services, like "smtp" require a separate program. Fuck google, but this article is full of shit, dropping the "www" is meaningless and should have been done years ago as it serves literally no purpose in today's world.

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Well said.

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Google Chrome is KNOWN Spyware by it's very design. GC will regularly take a snapshot of all your browsing habits and send them to G's database. Do not use GC and if it's on your computer REMOVE IT using this: https://www.iobit.com/en/advanceduninstaller.php

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I don't use Google anything. That shit's for suckers and candy brains.

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Google become such piece of sh..i mean work. Wait. It always been that way. Suprise surprise.

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With Jewgle, you lose.

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