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u and whoever thinks that crap is a fucking retard even tho the way u put it on the table smells like a reddit like whore... the idea of open borders cause u seem to advocate especially against that needs to remain that way im not gonna start trolling a tard liek u cause fu anyway aint worth the time... from ideological considerents considerents with a heavy load for the freedom and evolution of a group of ppl. personally i say that every fucking one is for himself.... everyone needs to apply his own justice when it comes on wtfever... now cumming back to earth as a state every fucking pedoshitter or wtfever is innocent till proven otherwise.. when he pedofucks there lock him up and so on... and here it comes something rly fucking reatrded and nasty... law/rule application for every fucking other ones... just like a tard like u is saying close the borders cause a fucking pedo got wherever... are u fucking retarded? u know that i consider this type of mentality a stem base for socialism and socialistic justice? thats a preety fucking disgusting and low shit if u realize...