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James Rhodes, a pianist, performed a Bach composition for his Youtube channel, but it didn't stay up -- Youtube's Content ID system pulled it down and accused him of copyright infringement because Sony Music Global had claimed that they owned 47 seconds' worth of his personal performance of a song whose composer has been dead for 300 years.

Mr. Rhodes is a professional pianist who was paid to perform this song previously. His specific performance of that specific song is owned by Sony so technically this makes sense. Now some no name person can perform any classical song and post it and not violate IPs but Mr. Rhodes is special. It's not the song that's in question here rather it's his performance capacity and who owns the rights to that. I think a similar thing happened to the guitarist from CCR. Isn't IP a wonderfully fucked thing?

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John Fogarty formerly of CCR was sued by his former label for plagarizing John Fogarty of CCR.

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Didn't the court rule in his favor saying he could take inspiration from himself?

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Yeah that's it. Such bull shit. Makes me never want to sign a record deal. Well that and recoup costs. And my lack of talent.

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"Vance can't Dance But he'll Steal your money"

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. Now some no name person can perform any classical song and post it and not violate IPs

Not so sure about that - I did a few covers of songs on guitar - Moonlight Sonata and Fade to Black - both were 'claimed'. They didn't remove the videos but they did claim ownership of both full videos.

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That could be a clause in the EULA of youtube that allows them to claim the rights to the video because you uploaded it to them. There's also the fact that it is an algnorythim theying to figure this out and the sensitivity was up too high.

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I thought their wording was odd when I read the article, pretty shifty of them to neglect to explain this when it's pretty clear they knew this by how they phrased it.

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They mean well. The EU is clearly trying to destroy the internet as we know it because they can't tax every shared thought. But the facts are a bit skewed. It does bring up a good point though of being mindful of what you sign or even agree to based on your use of any product or service.

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Didn’t the righteous brothers also get busted for Unchained melody and had to do a remake to make money of off the movie Ghost?

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I'm not sure about that but I can check their discography while on my way to work.