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Better late than never. I stopped using mine maybe 4 years ago, just stopped altogether. Once in a very long time I would go back just to see what people I knew were doing, but I never posted or actually did anything. The last time I tried, months ago, Facebook asked for a form of identification, including a driver's license, or a passport, etc. I shouldn't have been so outraged in my disbelief, I should have fully expected it, but just the blatant audacity of actually doing this, that they could even believe this was something that's okay to implement without catching major flak from people, fucking baffled me.

Sometimes I don't know whether to be more fucking furious at these companies themselves and the kikes that run them, or my fellow countrymen and citizens that allow this shit to happen and, in their apathy, allow so many egregious tyrannical policies to be pushed on the population by anyone willing to do it.

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They did the exact same shit to me, wanted all kinds of verification...on the internet

Fuck them

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Excactly, fuck em.