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Better late than never. I stopped using mine maybe 4 years ago, just stopped altogether. Once in a very long time I would go back just to see what people I knew were doing, but I never posted or actually did anything. The last time I tried, months ago, Facebook asked for a form of identification, including a driver's license, or a passport, etc. I shouldn't have been so outraged in my disbelief, I should have fully expected it, but just the blatant audacity of actually doing this, that they could even believe this was something that's okay to implement without catching major flak from people, fucking baffled me.

Sometimes I don't know whether to be more fucking furious at these companies themselves and the kikes that run them, or my fellow countrymen and citizens that allow this shit to happen and, in their apathy, allow so many egregious tyrannical policies to be pushed on the population by anyone willing to do it.

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They did the exact same shit to me, wanted all kinds of verification...on the internet

Fuck them

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Excactly, fuck em.

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I always lose respect for someone when they tell me about how they finally just deleted their Facebook or whatever. WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BE ON FACEBOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE? It's like someone telling me about how they just quit crystal meth and want to be applauded for it. You don't get extra credit for discontinuing stupid behavior.

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in the worst possible time of life to advertise everything about yourself to the government is when you need it the most...

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My aunt sent out the invitations to a wedding a few years ago. She ONLY sent them through fakebook. My mother didn't get any invitation because she doesn't use facebook and is quite wary of information tracking. When she explained this to her sister, her response was a disbelieving "how can you not be using facebook? everyone's using it!"

My aunt is as emotional and stupid as they come. She's also an extreme progressive and a nurse...who is obese. None of that is a good combination.

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Has she given away your family's genetic privacy to one of the various jew DNA-based "family tree" services yet?

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She'll be redpilled soon enough.

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I don't understand how people can expect it to be so normal and pervasive, like the businesses who set up FB pages instead of doing the rational thing and getting their own site with their own domain.

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I joined in 2005 and quit in 2006. It Was stupid back then as well even with the college email requirement.

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See above!! People connecting to old friends and relatives.

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Wonder what the percentage of folks that left their account open but stopped posting at all is. 97% of all users?

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Fake accounts for (((tinder))) are all that remains

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That seems extraordinarily high. Half of people won't even cancel gym memberships they haven't been to in years

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I hope the Somoans get ahold of zuckleberg. Them are some strong dudes.

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yea... Mine was deleted 10-12 years ago. People said I would be back. Everyone of those people I realized didn't know me that well to say that. Therefore if I ever thought hey I don't ever see or hang out with my friends anymore.. I realised they weren't my friends. They were just addicts. LOL.

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Dude, you got rid of it right as they phased out the .edu email verification? Thats awesome, I thought about doing that but i kept it because it was a great way to get pussy back then. As I got older I realized how it encouraged the hookup culture and pretty much stayed away from it except to engage with family i never see, but then DJT got elected and all i did was fight with people and so i got rid of it.

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Bingo! And there isn't anything wrong with good (and easy to get) pussy!

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Damnit this allows people like us to excel in the world while the fucking plebs just sit and watch their screens and everyone’s lives go by before them

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Society works best when everyone is on the right track. The paradox of increased competition causing increased prosperity for all.

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