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Switched to Brave about a year ago. Haven't seen a YouTube ad since. Haven't seen a targeted ad since. Plus, they're giving users $4.50/month in their cryptocurrency to pay sites with (Voat is getting 98% of that). Plus, it's faster than Firefox nightly.

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Part of the Brave package is a cryptocurrency.

The point of Brave was to create a browser that could act as a new method of payment, because people fucking hate having ads shoved down their throat. Instead, you can allocate a budget each month to pay for your favorite sites. They give you $4.50/month (as of right now. it's gone up.) to give to sites if you don't add money to the account, so the sites get paid either way.

In my case, Voat is getting most of the money. I've even disabled other sites to ensure Voat gets most of it.