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Brave was great until I realized it doesn't support plugins. Which means you're stuck with the built-in adblocker which isn't good at all. Not sure if this has been fixed. I stopped using it about a year ago.

Oh, plus it actually uninstalled itself from my computer somehow. I never uninstalled it, just one day it was uninstalled. Not sure how, and I've never had that happen with any other program I've used. Felt it was strange and forgot about Brave at that point.

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They have multiple plugins for ad blocking now, if I recall correctly.

If you have Windows 10, Microsoft decides if it likes that program or not. It will uninstall programs without telling you. Just my first thoughts.

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Yep, had it kill some crap-cleaner type apps in the past. Connection viewers etc. Unlocker was one it really hated.

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If you have Windows 10,

No decent person has used Windows since 1984.

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The Windows 10 thing makes sense, but I'm using Windows 7.

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may be related... i like to play with code... hobby level.. had Sharp Develop and use it as a go to...and then I installed Visual Studio, then shit started. Opening a project that was good but now has errors in the code... parts are 'scrambled' and it wont compile.. ... ... better start using Visual Studio am I right ?

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I don't have any problems with ad blocking.

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My ad blocking experience on Brave has been fantastic, as well.

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Same. I used it for several months until I just got tired of various ads it didn't block and no additional plugins. I eventually switched to Waterfox on my computer. Phone though: Brave.

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If you another one that is better for Mobile, let us know. So, far it is reliable and A+ in usability.

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Oh, plus it actually uninstalled itself from my computer somehow. I never uninstalled it, just one day it was uninstalled.

Reminds me of the days when virus checkers would uninstall/block other virus checkers. Might be the same thing happening again with browsers etc.

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Switched to Brave about a year ago. Haven't seen a YouTube ad since. Haven't seen a targeted ad since. Plus, they're giving users $4.50/month in their cryptocurrency to pay sites with (Voat is getting 98% of that). Plus, it's faster than Firefox nightly.

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Part of the Brave package is a cryptocurrency.

The point of Brave was to create a browser that could act as a new method of payment, because people fucking hate having ads shoved down their throat. Instead, you can allocate a budget each month to pay for your favorite sites. They give you $4.50/month (as of right now. it's gone up.) to give to sites if you don't add money to the account, so the sites get paid either way.

In my case, Voat is getting most of the money. I've even disabled other sites to ensure Voat gets most of it.

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Brave = Chromium with preinstalled ad blocker

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Switched from Palemoon to Brave because Palemoon retained history while settings were set to dump history when closing browser. I use IE, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. All have specific applications that are required by specific sites. IE is used for government and large cooperate websites, Firefox, once used for everything else, I now use on a limited basis since version 23. Opera has nice features, but is basically a Chrome browser and is unable to process torrent links. I've been using Brave for 2 months now and I like it because it has features the others don't and it's lightweight by comparison. The torrent feature is hit and miss. When it isn't working I have to use Firefox with a third party torrent application. Otherwise I like it.

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Another big $ con. I use crappy little waterfox. It's fast and handy. With only a few plugins, I'm surfing hassle-free and proud, with the look and usability I like.

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I found desktop BRAVE suxxx on my Linux systems. Something about the old OPERA mentality that non-obvious behavior and hidden agendas is a feature, not a systematic flaw.

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Because only a few of us are dumb enough to use Opera and brag about it.

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really liked (and miss) some opera features...

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I use brave on my phone cause it is not rooted. But I prefer vivaldi

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