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Maybe it's malicious, or maybe it's just laziness/incompetence on the dev's part

Like "yeah ok by default, everything, click ok"


On mobile devices, apps request permissions at runtime and the end user grants them. In earlier previews, Android Things granted these same permissions automatically to apps on device boot. Beginning in DP8, these permissions are granted using a new interface in the developer console, giving developers more control of the permissions used by the apps on their device.

This change does not affect development, as Android Studio grants all permissions by default.

Yeah seems like it

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This change does not affect development, as Android Studio grants all permissions by default.

I read this as saying saying that during development, you don't have to approve permissions when the app runs.

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Well idk, you're probably right, I haven't done android dev in a while, like the last time I touched it was 5 years ago or something

I don't remember how I granted permissions for the app, maybe I tossed a manifest I grabbed somewhere and called it a day or used a checkbox menu in android studio

Thing is, "all permissions granted" is so widespread it seems, that I suppose it's the easy way of getting rid of the "problem" for many devs, but maybe I'm wrong maybe it's evil pajeets who want to read your mails idk

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app developer makes a flashlight app. flashlight uses flash from camera. app needs to use camera to access flashlight. privacy tards ree when apps access camera without asking first (muhprivaseees) so google push rules stating 'all hardware access must have a permission' developer complies and now every time app is installed, app that requires permission to use camera asks for permission to use camera, people with nothing better to do than whine, whine, and here we are.

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OP is talking about "all permissions", not just camera permission