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When it's free you're the product.

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Because employers won't even look at your resume unless you have 10,000 apps published in the app store.

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what the fuck is an employer?

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Why download a flashlight app when one comes with your phone?

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Not necessarily, at least on older models.

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For fucks sake, just get the insurance and tell them your phone was stolen...

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Older phones/android version. There is ONE free app, without any permissions and ads!!!, on that entire fucking Play store that does what its suppose to do; light. And you cant find it anymore because its buried underneath garbage apps. Got a newer phone now.

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Exactly..I got a Galaxy Grand Prime (had it for like 5yrs now) 8GB main (16Gb SD Card)...It still works awesome for me (I don't use alot of apps) and my flashlight it on my action bar so "I don't need no stinking flashlight app"

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almost every current android in existance today -

swipe down on the screen so your quick settings appear.

click the flashlight button in the quick settings menu.

flashlight is on.

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Just capitalism. There's no money to be made in basic utility apps. But there's a whole lot of money to be made in collecting your data!

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Maybe it's malicious, or maybe it's just laziness/incompetence on the dev's part

Like "yeah ok by default, everything, click ok"



On mobile devices, apps request permissions at runtime and the end user grants them. In earlier previews, Android Things granted these same permissions automatically to apps on device boot. Beginning in DP8, these permissions are granted using a new interface in the developer console, giving developers more control of the permissions used by the apps on their device.

This change does not affect development, as Android Studio grants all permissions by default.

Yeah seems like it

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This change does not affect development, as Android Studio grants all permissions by default.

I read this as saying saying that during development, you don't have to approve permissions when the app runs.

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Well idk, you're probably right, I haven't done android dev in a while, like the last time I touched it was 5 years ago or something

I don't remember how I granted permissions for the app, maybe I tossed a manifest I grabbed somewhere and called it a day or used a checkbox menu in android studio

Thing is, "all permissions granted" is so widespread it seems, that I suppose it's the easy way of getting rid of the "problem" for many devs, but maybe I'm wrong maybe it's evil pajeets who want to read your mails idk

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Flashlight Widget by David Medenjak (Android). Permissions are just camera, control flashlight, and prevent device from sleeping. Simple widget on the home screen, tap to toggle light. 24k executable. I went through a lot of flashlight apps until I found this one.

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Why does it need the camera? 24k could be enough to send pictures back home. Internet access isn't a "permission".

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Because the "flashlight" is technically the camera flash and it is accessed through the camera API https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6068803/how-to-turn-on-front-flash-light-programmatically-in-android/40748375

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It looks like it probably uses two permissions to deal with differing versions of Android. I'm guessing that on older ones, it was more coarse-grained and all camera operations were under one permission, and on later versions, there was a more fine-grained control flashlight permission.

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How do you keep it from turning on in your pocket?

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It turns off by itself not long afterward.

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Why do so many developers waste energy on making more Flashlight apps available even though no innovation is possible in this area apart from who manages to smuggle in the best Trojan or Bloatware?

Why do you answer your own question? Once the code for a flashlight app is posted on Github the only "innovation" possible is in the way you steal ad revenue from others.

On the other hand, you should lay the blame on the manufacturers of the cell phone. Couldn't one of their interns develop such a simple app?

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