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Or it could be simply taking advantage of free publicity for their company. A lot of restaurants are on facebook only. Its usually more a fault with the food I would imagine than the inability to pay for a website.

Remember more than half of all restaurants close after 2 years. Its a very high turn over rate and I would imagine a lot of folks are hanging on by the skin of their teeth for years. A lot of them also seem to roll around in benzos as they take their kids through the mcdonalds fast lane.


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this is true, but still ultimate laziness. a restaurant website can be made in a few hours - there are many template sites like that make it a piece of cake. all a restaurant website needs is name, address, hours and phone number, some photos, and a menu.

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I made a restaurant website, as an early web development project. It straight up took me —making the whole thing from scratch and some quick graphics in Inkscape, with a few pics of food ripped off stock image sites— like twenty minutes. Didn't even use any libraries or javascript. Just straight up vanilla HTML5/CSS3; and it was still one of those "fancy" mobile-ready sites, with a collapsing layout, based on screen width.

Granted, that's someone who knows what they're doing. Using a templating site would be even faster than that. Like, type all your information in to a filed, hit submit, and choose a theme. Five minutes, tops. There's a bunch of reasons that I could think of, for not having a website for your company: and none of them inspire confidence.

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Also as for underachiever.

You need to have a little bit more faith in God.

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displaying niggerwealth is an open invitation to the world to take this shmuck to the cleaners.