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I don't do business with people that run their business of FB...

Shows that they are commies.

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Or simply incompetent/lazy. If all you can bother to muster, as an online presence, is a fb page then fuck you, I'll do my business elsewhere. Any time I need to look up a company, for whatever reason, and they only have FB: it instantly gives off scammy vibes. Will only trust someone who has a well made/maintained, up-to-date and non-faggy website. It's just straight-up professionalism. Like wearing suits, or showering before an important meeting.

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A business FB page only really has become the scummy carpet cleaner who would only have a YellowPage ad of Aaaaaacarpet cleaning to show up first. It helps scummy people hideout.

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Or it could be simply taking advantage of free publicity for their company. A lot of restaurants are on facebook only. Its usually more a fault with the food I would imagine than the inability to pay for a website.

Remember more than half of all restaurants close after 2 years. Its a very high turn over rate and I would imagine a lot of folks are hanging on by the skin of their teeth for years. A lot of them also seem to roll around in benzos as they take their kids through the mcdonalds fast lane.


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Yeah I get the same vibes when I see that. Forget that kike book is a fucking mess to navigate.

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They should have their own website, but a social media solution that offers what Facebook offers is hard to come by. People are already on Facebook and not in other places. The users need to leave. Lately I noticed Facebook just cut off Goodreads but they wanted users to explore how to track their books using Facebook solutions :)

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Well any small business with any actual klout has already said fuck Kikebook.

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College I went to has recently added "Social Media" to it's required classes. Thankfully, I got outta there long before that bullshit. More bullshit money to spend on a bullshit idea.

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Federal spigot

Fucking hell this. This is the reason they can get away with all the bullshit. 6-figure incomes for communists to bitch about the capitalist system giving them free money.

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Not good enough.

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Facebook also likes randomly banning you, for ludicrous amounts of days. I used to remember when you could do pretty much whatever you wanted on Twitter and Facebook. Now, if you offend some faggot, they want to suspend you for 30 fucking days. I used to think they were indispensable, but all they do is keep chasing me away. I can't be the only one. If they want to be like Myspace, they can be my guest. I know a lot of people who dumped their accounts. The only people on there now are diehard liberals or mommies and daddies who just post cute pictures of their kids and don't touch it otherwise.

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Businesses go out of their way to tell you to 'like' them on fukbook. I tell them I don't have an account. They say it's easy to get one, and I tell them I know how, I just choose not to. I tell them they need to make themselves available to everyone, not just dipshits that use that garbage.

Maybe people are tired of fuckbook's faggot censorship and bad name they're making for themselves, choosing to create their own footprint on the internet.

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The goal was to make Facebook more social with fewer commercial and product posts.

They decided to sell more ad-space by artificially reducing traffic to posts, got it.

Twitter is taking advantage of the situation, putting out a call to publishers to sign up for “Twitter Timeline Ads," which it says will "generate revenue for your site.”

So Twitter "is taking advantage of the situation" by also selling more ad-space... what?

"Social media" at it's finest.

E: Word

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blarney :3

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