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Capitalism you say? So where have the quality products gone? I know where. They went with the Dodo. This is pure greed. Everything made is made to be disposable so you must buy another very soon otherwise that super cheap company dies.

Software doesn't just fade away really, but the quality of it certainly is following the disposable goods trend.

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Capitalistic companies produce what consumers while buy.

Consumers have allowed this.

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Find those quality products. Oh... they're gone. What option does that leave then? Piece of shit A and piece of shit B. Both say made in China.

Best part: different stores can have 200% price differences for the same shit quality item with the exact same UPC.

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They aren't cheaper just more desperate as the employer holds the path to the greencard. It's exploitive. Are you really going to say something if the boss is molesting your co worker if you get sent back. And trust me that happened at my casino where a lot of dealers are H1 visas from China and the Phillipines. Abuse! It's sick and wrong and needs to change. It ending up crashing their stock 1 fourth never to recover when the decades of coverups and sludge came out - so I guess yeah capitalism.

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Force the corporations to abide by the same rules as citizens. Hold people and corporations accountable for their ethics.

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It's called voting with your wallet. Capitalism isn't the problem, complacency is. If you don't like what a company is doing, don't buy their shit. It's why I drive a 72 dart.

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Voting with your wallet doesnt work when they give every illegal immigrant a new house, job, and car with your tax dollars.

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I have the amazing capacity to hate BOTH! And MORE!

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Exploiting market distortions while is a capitalistic principle is also destructive and counter productive to a stable nation. Capitalism doesnt have to be a race to slavery conditions which is basically what your saying. The cheapest worker is always a slave and what you call capitalism I call communism a system where the worker does not own his own labor. Weather you achieve that through devaluing the labor and making it worthless or having the nkvd point a gun at everyone's head and demand they work for a bowl of rice and a mud hut the end result is the same. Flooding the market with 3rd world peasants living under a different culture and set of economic conditions either in another country or in the US by creating rules that only apply to citizens based on cast or race is directly from the communist playbook and can only exist when all suppliers are a monopoly focused on only optimizing on profit in entirely captured markets where free market principles don't exist. If anything the only thing you've shown is that we are deeply entrenched in a planned communist economy already and there is no application of capitalistic principles in the market remaining.