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They are obviously struggling to find competent people to run their jewspaper.

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They already have foreigners (dual-citizen) workers working in executive positions at the Jew York Times.
That’s why we call it the Jew York Times.

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I think instead of another "it's ok to be white" campaign, we should hand out flyers showing how few "minorities" work in top level positions at Jewish run companies like the Jew York Times. We need to use their own weapons against them.

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Never stick your dick in brown unless you are a faggot.

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go back to pleddit you fucking coal burner

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How anyone in IT can continue to support the democrats is beyond me.

Everyone in IT knows the horror stories of h-1b replacements.

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don't I know it

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That's the real trick, everyone in IT is now a H1B.

Fuck you, New York Times. You don't need a H1B to scrub toilets.

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Yea, there's still plenty of Mexicans here . . .

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Many still reuse to acknowledge the facts. Many remain ignorant and don't know.

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I'm in software - many of our h-1b's folks are fantastic co-workers and employees

Just trying to make a living, sure there are ones that suck.. but I also have worked with many non-H-1b folks who have sucked.

It's almost as if each person is their own person. Strange.

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Way to completely disregard my point of h1bs being used as a source of pushing American IT wages down faggot. I never said anything about the character of h1b themselves but their consequence of American lay offs for lower salaries. Hey, looks like we found out why Trump won but yes keep calling people screwed over as fascist.

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Fucking jew york times throwing this in american workers faces on labor day... cant say im surprised.

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Those kikes hate white Americans. Did Sarah Jeong write this?

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I'll tell you what we should do, we should create a new visa called the H-3b, which is where we bring in skilled journalist from ethnic backgrounds to replace journalist hacks stimulate the economy.

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H3-b or ... HEB, lol.

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This is how corporate America loses their influence. This country has 350 million people. Stop handing out so much in welfare, section 8, people will work and be able to afford things without government benefits. Continuing to import people benefits no one but these fuckers.

Some of these job ads out there are ridiculous. Imagine if you put out want ads for doctors demanding four years of legal experience; that's how ridiculous they are.

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In other words, stop socialism.

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H1B = wage arbitrage.

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Happy Labor day Americans as foreigners take your jobs. Oh wait...only the corporate big shots will be happy today.

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Jewtropolis Times. Figures. I would agree to this ONLY if they also get to become Jewish citizens with the right of return at the same time.

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Deport all dual passport holders.

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