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That's one of the things that fascinates me about space, when you look at stars you are literally looking back in time.

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You can see the exact same thing just by looking in a mirror.

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That is true. I always marvel at how good-looking I was.

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I wonder if those guys will be able to see us explode before that happens?

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Mother fucking Christ you are an idiot. Seriously! do the math you fucking moron.

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What math tells you that we will not explode before them?

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I swear upon the altar of God if this moron gets another upgoat, I'm out, go fuck yoursevles. You have proven yourselves stupid Kunts. My God.

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It's a flat Earth, I did the math you fucking faggot. Oh, I'm sorry, you want the transexual math, sorry, didn't bother with that.

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If the star is 1800 light years away than it would have had to go nova 1796 years ago for us to see it in 2022.

Light still travels at 186k mps as far as I know. They can say they think it went nova back then but to say we will see it in a given year is hog wash.

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I would have faith scientists more or less got this one correct, by i dunno say plus or minus 2% or 3% i feel it will go Bang! in our lifetime. Why? Because for a long time we have started to understand the universe back to Newtonian mechanics, the times of Galileo, theories of relativity proposed by Einstein, Hawking, Webb, aerospace rocket engineers like Wernher von Braun, Paul Dirac, Niels revolutionary spooky Bohr's atomic model and all particle experiments at Fermilab and Cern and the new generation of physcists from the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia, China they pretty much agree on a standard observation model of our galaxy and the physics chemical make up and rules of electromagnetic radiation and gravity that governs the stars and planets.

That's not to say humans know everything, there are weird areas we do not understand dark matter for example, what came before the 'bigbang' and how it ends, philosophical questions like about the human spirt a God a soul, if there are aliens out there, what is dark energy?

However much about the universe we already do understand, even without landing a man or robot they can even look at these planets and stars get telescopes to analyse different spectra, look at wavelenght signatures and radiation emitted within. The principal math which govern the planets stars and their motion. Telescopes like the Hubble have also allowed us to map thousands of millions of stars, look far back in time, look at different compositions of different stars over different periods of time, they have watched young solar systems form watch the dust rings around proto planetary systems what these dust, smoke and debris coalesse like clouds collecting into dust rocks and become worlds around stars and with Telescopes like NASA's Hubble they have even seen the end of stars like the 1997 - Supernova https://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic1704b/ and http://www.solstation.com/x-objects/sn1987a.htm & https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap970124.html and http://chem.tufts.edu/science/astronomy/sn1987a.html & http://mentalfloss.com/article/71939/15-things-weve-learned-about-universe-hubble-space-telescope

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A well thought out response with some sauce.

Here I expected a nigger faggot


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Is hogwash just water?

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The water left over after washing a hog

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My God, I just joke with some of you, but you folks are hard core. Look at this idiot below. I mean, I was joking. Fuck.

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False, the actual explosion happens in 2022, the reason you cannot go faster than light is because you would arrive at this star system during Marcus Aurelis. Einstein was quite clear about this in his papers and its probably the most common misunderstanding about the speed of light.

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Yep. Time is relative to the observer

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I read the National Geographic article on this and it has me confused a bit. They are claiming scientists are predicting 2022 as the year of the star death, but that the explosion will be visible to us in 2022. If the system is 1800 light years away, how is it that the photons are going to be arriving at earth at the same time as the nova?

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Photons are massless particles with positive momentum so they travel instantly fast, due to p=mv. all observers observe them at 3e8 m/s relative to their own clock due to that being the speed of causality. The photons travel instantly, but there is some lag due to different observers observing each other as being at different times.

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Bull shit. It’s the nibiru system and it’s here now.

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i nibiru'd ur mum in the arse last nite

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Trump is looking a lot like a Marcus Aurelius at the moment. He stoically stands above the chaos and tries to impart order. Marcus Aurelius also was one of the last of the Five Good Emperors, which means Trump could be the last of the shooting stars that would include Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James K. Polk.

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thats a really faggy list of "good" presidents you have there

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It seems like I added one too much. I will take James Madison out, because he is too old school for a few on here. Rutherford B. Hayes ended reconstruction. James K. Polk drove back the Mexican cronies and tyrants out of Mexico, Richard Nixon fixed the dollar to the gold standard and backed a very successful coup in Chile that preserved it from becoming the Cuba of the Pacific, and Reagan was not great, but he did fuel homegrown corporatism and some general overall economic growth.

You will notice how Nixon, Reagan, and Trump all were heavily bent on economic matters(Polk dealt with an economic system(the system of slavery spreading too far West, although most would find this stupid) that was keeping us from truly taking on the Mexicans at their own game and seeing them as tyrants and Rutherford B. Hayes got rid of the system of reconstruction which supported economic corruption. Also, Nixon/Reagan were sort of neoconish(more so Reagan).

I guess you think the founding fathers were Faggots too by your standard of thinking. Its not like we would have some combination of Julius Caesar, Albert Einstein, and Arnold Schwarznegger as president.

The whole we need a super Hulk president is something that would only happen in a society with a poor sense of social sensibility, political viewpoint, and viewpoint of the world. We would only imagine it being the case and we would call it an idiocracy.

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Not Teddy Roosevelt? No Andrew Jackson? Your list sucks.

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Roosevelt wanted to get rid of the hyphenated ethnic American and throw everything into the melting pot. Andrew Jackson destroyed the central bank and passed down tariffs on the general population in the South. Read about 1830 Tariff of Abomination.

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The sheer audacious ignorance...

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The sheer audacious ignorance...

I agree with the 18 day old account because opinions with no explanations are all it takes to persuade me.

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