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It’s clear they want half the country to view the flag as a symbol of oppression. The confederate flag is not enough. They want war between those who wave the US flag and those who don’t.

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The white man and his symbols must be eliminated.

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They only want Satanic symbols to survive.

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They want war between those who wave the US flag and those who don’t.

It is white americans who should want that war.

If there is no war, whites will be easily outbred, then outvoted, then taxed to death within a few decades.

Peace is slow and silent genocide. War is survival and freedom.

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They can’t go showing a symbol that represents our unity when they are trying to tear us down by constantly pointing out what makes us different. Identity politics is meant to ruin America.

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I see American flags wherever I go, so they have their work cut out for them.

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watching Talmudvision in current year

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Canadian? So it's not a man on the moon, it's a 'person' on the moon.

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One small step for person. One giant leap for peoplekind.

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You just pissed off PETA

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The most dangerous mission in history

Apollo 8 was the test run for the moon landing; almost everything they did, they did for the first time. On top of that, mission only had 4 months of preparation versus the usual 1-2 years. Here's a video of Neil Armstrong talking about it

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"In the end it was decided by Congress that this was a United States project,” Armstrong once said of planting the flag, according to the Telegraph. “We were not going to make any territorial claim, but we were to let people know that we were here and put up a U.S. flag.” -- http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/404508-ryan-gosling-defends-leaving-american-flag-out-of-moon-landing

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Curious timing, I just listened to this https://www.thisamericanlife.org/655/the-not-so-great-unknown

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There's a movie I'll miss

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You should be missing all jewish movies. I haven't seen a movie in years. Watching movies is a very unproductive use of time.

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Excuse me, it's personcott.

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Girlcott. They want supremacy.

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Every bitch I got drunk let me fuck her in the ass

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Well, at least they cast a white dude for the role -- this time -- count your blessings...

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It was an "experiment" in Gender critique and really Neil Armstrong and his comrades were Homosexuals for "landing on the moon" and planting the LGBT flag.

This is what the leftist think of it and interpret it as and shows how they want to inject back into history that all whites were LGBT, molesters, and race-mixers. Welcome to their "Brave New World."

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