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holy shit. anyone else concerned that NPR found out 2/3 of the school shootings reported by Obama's Dept. of Education from never happened?

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They need the left to start listening again for midterms People got sick of 24/7 Trump bashing in only 2 years.

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when the Left starts eating its own

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Something very suspicious going on here.

NPR is National Propaganda Radio. VERY unusual and out of character for them to be reporting lower stats on school shootings.

But look how this works. This makes them look like a credible, reliable source. After all, they're reporting something that goes against the party line on school shootings. Facebook is the old meany throwing water on their attempt to tell the truth.

This actually sets NPR up as the voice of reason, with Facebook now on the FAR left, censoring their attempt to just present the facts.

This is a psyop of some kind designed to strengthen NPR's credibility. Facebook is already in the doghouse, so it doesn't really damage Facebook. In fact, many liberals probably applaud Facebook, since they believe that guns should be regulated no matter what the actual statistics are. So Facebook doesn't really lose here. They're waiting out their time in the doghouse anyway, and they just bought some love from all the really wacko liberals who don't give a shit whether the truth gets reported or not, as long as what does get reported pushes their agenda along.

This could all be completely wrong. But the "news" media and their corporate hand maidens are so corrupt now that this is the type of possibility I entertain with about 75% probability could be true of any reported so-called "news."

Whatever the case, don't get the idea that you can trust NPR. They are literally propaganda operations central for programming the "educated" class, who like to think that they're "well informed."

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you're describing a Limited Hangout with an added wink and nod. which is different from the bump and grind, which they also do.

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I listen to npr on my way to work every morning. I just like to know where the Marxist retards are on the insanity scale.

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Spam takedown is automated via reports. Enough people report it it goes down and the content owner has to appeal to get it fixed

post content > mass report your own content > facebook's bot takes it down > run headline declaring censorship > get attention, ad revenue etc > human at facebook sees it and puts it back up, ignore and repeat cycle

If you're doing this understand it's only effective until you're caught with your false-flag(lol) bullshit and then it will become a wildcard for the media to cast doubt on any incident of censorship

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So NPR reported their own content and got it removed to get thefreethoughtproject more ad revenue and bring more attention to the fact that school shooting numbers are inflated?

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Don't you see? Its all so clearly planned.

347d chess.

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A colleague of mine, Sean Malone, shared NPR’s article—which carried the headline ”The School Shootings That Weren’t”—with his some 1,100 Facebook followers on Tuesday.

It was flagged as spam and removed.

No, a propagandist with Foundation for Economic Education posted evidence debunking the imaginary school shooting epidemic; then possibly had people report his own post in order to tactically deploy the Streisand Effect in a climate where Facebook is already facing backlash for censoring things, meaning one more won't be examined too carefully.

And if he did, and he gets caught, it's going to be used to "fact check" the entire corporate digital censorship issue. Then again, he's with FEE so he probably falls for the MUH PRIVATE COMPANY bullshit.

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Who is on facebook?

Only complete fucking morons.

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Yes, but there's billions of them. over 70% of Americans use it daily for news and bullshit.

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No one said being a complete fucking moron is rare.

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This is getting bad. Facebook is censoring the liberal NPR? Now we know we are in trouble.

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They must not have enough points in the tranny love dept. Or someone is taking revenge on Media Matters. Or any one of the 35 illuminati sponsors of NPR.

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I wonder how many people are living in the bubble where they're oblivious to all this censorship and just believing whatever garbage F.A.G.S. are pushing and allowing.

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Platforms that censor speech:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Pateron
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Twitch
  • Spotify
  • Apple + apple podcast
  • pin interest
  • LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Wordpress
  • masterdon
  • azure cloud servers (microsoft)
  • Mastercard

Platforms that DONT censor speech

  • MeWe (FB replacement)
  • Minds.com (FB replacement)
  • Gabai (Twitter replacement)
  • Diaspora (Twitter replacement)
  • Bitchute (Youtube replacement)
  • Protonmail (Gmail replacement)
  • Librepay (Donation replacement)
  • Wire (skype replacement)
  • peertube (DIY self host youtube stream style server)

Also look into:- * Duckduckgo instead of google.com search engine * OpenStreetmap instead of Google maps

Regards Charliebrownau

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Why the fuck would they sensor that.. why does the left hate facts so much

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