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I get what you're saying about having plausible deniability if your network is not password protected, but that is honestly terrible advice. Leaving the network unsecured creates massive security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other unique identifiers besides IP address like hardware MAC addresses and network activity that can identify who the user is.

If you're still going to leave your wireless router wide open to the world, then atleast use a VPN.


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A) never have ANYTHING connected to a network that can be hacked. - regular wireless router security is a joke


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Never leave anything connected to a network that can be hacked.

If it's on the network, it can be hacked. I don't know what kind of devices you use, but there is likely a vulnerability for it. Look up your devices at to see.

regular wireless router security is a joke

Actually it isn't. Regular wireless security will keep most people out of the network and even if they were on the network then wireless security encrypts the network traffic.

On the open network you are suggesting people use, if I was in range of it, I could connect and watch everything you do.