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That's why you do not put logins and passwords on your wireless router.

Never could prove, just from IP traffic, who is doing what.

I've had LEOs contact me about posts saying that they know it comes from my address...I just laugh at them and show them the curb unceremoniously. They cry about because "We're LEO !" hahahaha My ARs don't know what LEO even means.

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What the hell are you typing to get visited by LEOs?

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Guberment don't like goats

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You are saying you don’t protect your network with WPA2? You just leave it unsecured? Or am I misunderstanding?

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anyone can get on my wireless and upload/download ... unsecured totally

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These two are not related.

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I get what you're saying about having plausible deniability if your network is not password protected, but that is honestly terrible advice. Leaving the network unsecured creates massive security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other unique identifiers besides IP address like hardware MAC addresses and network activity that can identify who the user is.

If you're still going to leave your wireless router wide open to the world, then atleast use a VPN.

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A) never have ANYTHING connected to a network that can be hacked. - regular wireless router security is a joke

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lol ip adress here is my ip COM AT ME BRO

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How is the weather in Denver, Colorado lately? 39°44'21.1"N 104°59'04.9"W goo.gl/maps/JqeL9uPB45v

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When I looked up the IP, it says Jacksonville, FL. The site also said it's a proxy, so obviously he's using a VPN.

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Mine is

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sweet yo

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Mine's ::1.

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I'm there, too!

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im sorry what? im helping with dishes... can i get back to you?

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It's how the police operate when there's a hit-and-run and you provide a video to the police. "Sorry, couldn't see the driver's face, so we can't issue a ticket."

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The trolls have been contacting us periodically through the ISP. So they throw the shit down hill at us and we just shrug. How the hell are we suppose to know who did what on an open network. We even have a legal disclaimer. We could start blocking macs I suppose, but then they could be spoofed so what does that even mean. These shit heads are against public wifi. really the only protection against this occurring is for public wifi to be eliminated. Do you know how disruptive that would be? People all over use public wifi for business on the road when they get called. It would hurt business in general. Fuck their worthless art and their copyrights. Maybe the industry will collapse and people will have to patron local and traveling artist. Or turn to sponsored approaches to their media.

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IP Freeley

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I prefer a name like Malware Testing.

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FBI Surveillance Van

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I got a letter from Time Warner because I pirated Rick and morty season 2.

Explain that suckers!

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Isnt it free on youtube?

Also just curious did you download a torrent or streamed it?

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Torrent. I’m a data hoarder. I like to have movies and TV shows on hard drives accessible at anytime.

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No shit. Sometimes an IP can be shared by a lot of people. Like a whole housing complex or more

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Sometimes an IP can be shared by a lot of people

Or dynamically allocated.... or an IPv6 NAT shared by thousands.

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Well just say you have friends visiting sometimes and using your internet that's enough

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Don't say anything. Contact a lawyer.

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Yea but if you get a letter you need to answer it. You can just say that you reject the settlement offer and consider the case closed. That is enough.

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Fucking this, this guy did and even got the kike troll to pay for his legal fees lol

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