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Who cares about FB anymore, really.

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They're trying their best to ruin that site. I got a 30 day ban for criticizing some bitch in a story who claimed to be too nervous to ride the subway because she was autistic. They've gotten stricter than the Catholic school I went to growing up. The site is so fucking gay, it's ridiculous. My current account was just for commenting. Zuckerberg is just doing everything possible to drive people away now.

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There's no diversity on the left, it's radical agreement on every point and constant affirmation of your belief in the religion of liberalism, or you're a nazi. Unless your an arab, then you can carry on the tradition of raping and enslaving foreign women that your people practiced for two thousand years with zero criticism. Ironically they'll even defend and deny it.

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I just realized conservatives put Jews on a pedestal and liberals put Muslims on a pedestal in exactly the same way.

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Big time.

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veryone hears from our chief diversity officer about the importance of diversity and how to have respectful conversations with people who have different viewpoints.”

They're about to learn the meaning of this codespeak

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Something along the lines of:
- "Political diversity" doesn't mean suffering bigoted racist misogynistic mansplaining from slack-jawed mouth-breathing redneck Trump-hats.
- A valid discourse of diverse opinion would be whether all white people should be buried alive, or dissolved in acid.

Another Google engineer will be unemployed soon.

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https://archive.fo/AC2iG :

Facebook engineer says the company has a “problem with political diversity”

'Facebook has yet to take action against Amerige and those belonging to the FB’ers for Political Diversity group. '

'According to a spokesperson for Facebook, the company will not be taking down the “FB’ers for Political Diversity” page, nor will there be any other immediate changes at the moment. '

'A memo titled “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity” was published on an internal employee message board at Facebook by Brian Amerige, a senior engineer, the New York Times reported Tuesday. '

'According to the New York Times, many Facebook employees have argued over the decision to ban some accounts but not others. '

'A similar accusation was recently made against Google by Trump himself, who said the search company has been suppressing positive news about him. '

This has been an automated message.

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I sense some pink slips making the rounds soon at CuckBook. Non-conformity is death in liberal land

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i mean...congress itself wants to force them to push sjw propaganda and bullshit...so

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