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So over the last week I shut off my Android and got a Windows Phone. I need a smart phone for work, so going with nothing isn't an option.

Instead of using the "free" tier of stuff I'm paying for Office/Email .

I've been moving accounts all week out of Gmail.

It sucks when you are a tech worker, but I have to hope this is moving me out of the Google sphere.

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[–] phillyjoe 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

It's all sucky, especially when you think about the intel/amd chips with built in backdoors and the rest of the bullshit.

I've been looking for a MIPS or ARM board to replace my PC with. I'd go with BSD, I don't trust anything the NSA approves, and boy do they love linux

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Get out of my head dammit. I was thinking of getting a Nokia 930 myself. Tired of this uncanniness in advertising bullshit.

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If you absolutely have to have a smart phone it being obsolete "junk" is a good thing. If you can snag an "unsupported" 8.1 phone it won't have telemetry and still have the amazing built in apps like HERE+ etc. and also telegram still works and a few others.

Apps are a fucking meme anyways and almost always timesink trash

Also, FUCK Windows 10 though stay far away from that. Also I do not trust for even one fucking second that any of the custom roms are truly de-googled. That is their bread and butter... there is no way some nerds managed to actually de-google the base rom.

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They are obsolete junk now. Get the 950xl or the Hzp Elite x3.

Both in great condition should be under $200

I got my 1520 for $40 since it was on 8.something. I just wiped it, and put in my 128MB flash chip, and formatted it. No Google for me!

[–] Shek31m3n69502187 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Do you mean you literally can't go to work without a smartphone? Don't you have a PC for that? As for communicating shouldn't walkue-talkies be available? Are you sure you even deserve that job?

[–] phillyjoe 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Yes I cannot literally work.

How does one get to the point of even logging in, without biometrics, passwords and 2fA?

Sorry, bub, I don't work on construction sites.


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It's for when you're not at work, and something shit the bed. This is common for higher level positions.