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Money has been secondary to control for a long time now. They still go hand in hand, but money hasn't been the goal since the invention of money. The idea is this, those in control don' t want progress to outpace their mechanisms of control, but still want to foster progress. They ideal model has progress being made fastest at the top. No doubt there are a lot of moving parts. It's impressive.

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To expand on this a little further - I think what happened is that they went with advertising...and made money. But then later figured out, if they could control the population they could make MORE money by double-dipping and selling people's brains to the highest bidder.

It's not that it's not about money any longer - it still very much is. It's that control leads to even MORE money than just advertising.

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DOD cancelled an internet surveillance program weeks before the launch of Facebook. The plan was to grow as A and become B once a monopoly was achieved. Redesigned isn't really true when it was the plan from the start.

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Thank you. Yes. Original intent was bandwagon money train. What its been turned into... something else entirely.

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It’s still about advertising, except now people are the product being advertised

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Tide pods... accept no imitation.

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And water is wet.

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That’s the way it should be but it isn’t that way in reality.

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What you or I do matters not. What matters is what "50% +1" of the voting population does.

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Jew social media silent.

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They're scrambling to find dirt on McAfee and smear him as an alt-right nazi.

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On Diaspora, you can run your own server/'pod'


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McAfee: Read the score from the past two innings and call it insightful.

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I think it was designed to make money, otherwise it wouldn't have been originally built by private corporations and funded by private investors. Censoring and controlling people is just a nice little added bonus that evil, greedy, and power-hungry people have taken advantage of.

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I agree.

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