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initially the notion of a goal-oriented ledger may be user driven as an organization Google would be responsible for offering suitable targets for a user's ledger whilst the notion of a global good is problematic, topics would likely focus on health or environmental impact to reflect Google's values as an organization

The initially is very important here. After a while the user will not be able to set his or her own goals, but (I would assume) a governmental body will. This is very similar to China's Sesame Credit indeed.

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Was "Don't be Evil" ever true? These things are true while they suit them, then not when they don't.
Google/Alphabet is a pathological liar in the shape of a corporation. They say what they need to, to get what they want.

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Google would be responsible for offering suitable targets

Though the user can still pick between the targets Google provides / volunteer to participate. It wouldn't be enforced, initially.

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It's so weird seeing newspeak in action.

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Theres no social credit score in china, its an onion type joke.

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If you guys let this happen, you won't be known as orders of magnitude worse than boomers, because both public comments and private thoughts will be monitored and controlled.

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because both public comments and private thoughts will be monitored and controlled.

Technology is unfortunately quite advanced.

Some of the tech they displayed in Batman movies a decade plus ago we thought of as "sci fi" was and is anything but. The super weapon Morgan Freeman was given access to that allowed him to give Batman info to 'save the day' towards the end, but only agreed to use on the condition that it be destroyed... the beacon/human radar system... does that ring a bell? To the common public that sort of thing is just cool movie effects. To people with the education and expertise to develop it, no, it's actually soft disclosure.

I've heard they're doing a good job of leaking more in the next one.

Monitoring thoughts, controlling them... there are public patents decades old that discuss these topics and how to do just that. ...and they are decades old and NOT classified. So again: more soft disclosure. It's everywhere, but most people think it's just 'fancy sci fi', or a 'neat story device' so they don't look into it. The Patent office records are public for anyone to read online: all it takes is time and effort.

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Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! Those movies are not that old and I'm not that old!

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Why surprised? A lot already happens, for example, USA company sold anti-freedom system to China, bingo, China sold anti-freedom system to Korea and Iran [size=1em]. https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/us-internet-providers-and-great-firewall-china

For another example, China’s social credit system ‘could interfere in other nations’ sovereignty’,https://www.theguardian.com/worl ... nations-sovereignty) Title Here

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Introducing $LANDE®! Googles new social app.

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You are the god of headline writers.

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It deserves voat gold just for that.

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Here you go

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Natural progression from the "I won't hire anyone who doesn't have a Facebook presence" shit that's been going on for a decade.
We've already had the lite version of this in play for years now.

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Goolag does it again. Only a fool would trust large corporations or the government to have the people's best interests in mind. Everything is about money and authoritarian control. Your data will used in social engineering and crafting the world that the elites want to enforce upon us.

Fuck Goolag and fuck China for trying to do this shit regularly.

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