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God bless your giving nature; this world would be a better place with more of you.

The Verizon rep on the phone, looking at their account and contact history on his monitor, wasn't so generous with the company's product:

"You called us on June 29th and wanted a better data plan, and we offered you that for $99 per month. You chose the $32/month for unlimited data up to 10GB instead. Now you want me to flip a switch and give you everything we've got. Because emergency. Need free shit. Emergency... Well, I can't do that. Sir, I'm gonna flip a switch and transfer you to our subscription department, and they can set you up with the right plan."

And now this Chief's ploy to hide one bad decision is turning into a push to de-privatize the smashed up pieces of our once heavily regulated public utility monopoly - the Bell System.


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Sounds a bit Jewy to me. Oh, people are dying? No, we don't care. Give us more money first. They're bullies and not worthy of anyone's business.

Then again, yes, you're right. They should've paid more for what they needed. Hopefully they're successful though as net neutrality should be put back into place.

What Verizon could've done is applied the unlimited speed in good faith, then retroactively bill the fire department once billing could get their bearings and authorize the payment.

Also, what's this with the Bell System? I thought they were a phone company.