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I want to point out that Verizon is blaming customer service rep(s) for being wrong, which seems to be the biggest cop-out these massive companies have. Anytime shit goes great or everything is awesome, it's because of great executive leadership. Anytime something goes horribly wrong, it was some mistake made on the part of a lowly customer service peon or middle management drone.

On a semi related point, that kind of dastardly behavior enrages me about executives. They'll talk to the guys lower on the pole and say "do this," those guys tell the exec(s) "uh that's not realistically possible, it's going to cause some serious problems if we do it" and the response is "whatever, I have faith in you, get it done." And when it's done, and the company has taken a number of bloody wounds as a result, suddenly those lower guys are sacrificial lambs blamed for the failure, shown as being incompetent or having lack of communication, when it was solely the execs' fault for being a stupid, greedy, ignorant faggot who hates thinking about things.


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I despise Verizon, but I can kind of see how this could be a case where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing rather than a case of malice and greed to take advantage of a fire to make a tiny bit of extra cash.

In any big company, you have to contact a ton of people to try and approve exceptions to normal policies. It’s so retardedly easy for a fuckup to occur somewhere in the chain of emails. One person forwards an email wrong, the normal person who approves shit is out sick that day, etc and all of a sudden something is blamed on a customer service rep who has zero authority to make decisions.