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they accuse others of doing what they are doing. just like obama, bush etc.

it's a typical hypocritical jewish trick

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I think the word is “projection”, if I remember right

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it's not projection though...it's just more jewish propaganda and lies.

they spend their entire lives lying and parasiting off people so it makes sense i guess.

but they also lie about random shit constantly, not just stuff they are currently engaged in.

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You missed an opportunity to name the jew. Saul Alinsky's - Rules for Rebels, sic- "Always accuse those who oppose you that of which you yourself are guilty". Its a book written by a cunt for cunts, case in point Hillary Clinton Loves it. But for those looking for wisdom, don't confuse it with Rules For Rulers. Which whilst of a similar name is definitely of a less front holed orientation.

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it doesn't matter that wasn't my point if you haven't noticed

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Christ the shit this woman has seen and the deals with the devil she's done. Imagine her on a lie detector.

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You'd get more activity out of a lizard on ice. You wanna see something really crazy, look up the two hour deposition of Rick Scott when he testified about 1Billion in medicare fraud.... and the 500 Million dollar bonus he took on his way out. You can almost see him reminding himself to blink. He's almost a robot. I don't mean like Alex Jones or david icke reptiles or any of that crazy stuff. I mean as a human, he is so cold as a sociopath, that you can actually see him calculating his own facial gestures out. They're dead inside. Hillary Clinton has emotions. They're just very narcissistic ones. Look closely, that smile of her's is self satisfaction. She eats her own sin like a cow chewing cud.

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To beat a test all she has to do is think about having sex with her husband.

Here's how to beat it: One of the first suggestions is constricting your anal sphincter muscle


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Communists colluding with more communists to circumvent democracy?


The communist Clinton cartel is innocent.

Say otherwise and you get........., deleted.

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and google

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After a thorough investigation Trump and his vast team of fellow politicians and legal scholars decided that due to her and her husbands legacy of service to the country, his and her age, and how divisive such an act would be seen as across the country at such a time as any that she should receive a pardon. Thus, he invoked his Presidential Privilege and signed a Pardon, freeing the country from this burdensome, and troubling investigation, and wiping the slate clean for her. As a token she agreed that she will not be running for President or ever hold position of office. Fucking WINNING!

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thats not justice

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And the moral of this story is: never give your money to Facebook because it's run by a kike who will rob you, kek.

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Nothing will happen.

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Trump must really be shackled from all angles because there is so much it seems he could be doing.

Why doesn't he just end the investigation? More slut payment drama? How is this investigation legal when it's a plain as day campaign against a man's reputation with zero basis in any corroborating evidence against him for accused crimes?

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Zero basis, besides Manafort being convicted.

And Flynn pleading guilty

And Cohen taking a plea deal

And Sessions having to recuse himself

And the Mueller indictments

If you ignore all the evidence, then there's no evidence at all!

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It is a controversy.

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