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It is atrocious the politicians who are supposed to be representing their constituents are complete sell outs and frauds allowing for backeoom deals. Amazon seeks this out and aims to either take advantage of the corruption or create the corruption.

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the politicians who are supposed to be representing their constituents

Oh, they are. They couldn't give a fuck about you.

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Fuck Amazon.

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(((Bloomberg))) reporting on (((Amazon))) and their flagrant disregard of ethical business practices? Seems more like they're having a fun time mocking us since they know nothing will happen to them. One set of laws for them and the other for us.

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"Free market" The power company took the deal, it must have been favorable to them both.

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all you have to do is start an account with bitcoin and bribe away and the politicians are yours.

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It always amazes me how inexpensively politicians can be purchased. Blagovich was trying to sell Obama's Senate seat for $1M. Besides the power and connections, just the health and pensions would be worth that.

We need a better deferent from political corruption, like the Chinese have: death by lethal injection. See: Zhang Zhongsheng

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https://archive.fo/3SyNN :

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To paraphrase Trump during the 2016 Campaign: "Russia..! If you are reading or hearing this, please do us all a favor, besides finding Hillary's missing 30k e-mails, please also Hack and Destroy Amazon's website! Can you do this for us? Trust me when we say, many Americans would appreciate just such a gesture. Hammer Amazon! Take down their servers and loose their customers financial data on the Dark Web and make it look like Amazon's own incompetence was the root cause. Do it for the Lulz. Thanks!"

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As with any subsidy. The question is, who is forcing it? My guess: the state. Amazon can't force utility companies to lower its rate. Maybe they want to, because it benefits them.

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Amazon has said the value of the discount is a trade secret, and one clause in an other­wise heavily redacted copy of the approved deal stipulates that it will not face public review for at least five years. The five-year status report can also be redacted at Amazon’s request.

government cannot contract away your right to records....duh...

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