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Umatrix https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix/ It might take a bit to get used to but it is much better than NoScript which had allowed paid whitelisting in the past. You can whitelist and blacklist various elements and domains with a simple click. Remember to click the lock icon to save temporary changes for sites you trust/frequent a lot. I highly recommend this addon for your script blocker.

Edit: As the other guy said uBlock origin is pretty much a must.

DownThemAll - is a pretty useful download manager

Load Tab on select - will only load a tab when you click over to it, useful if you want to open a bunch of tabs for later veiwing but dont want them running/loaded all at once

Image Search Options - add an option to the right click context menu to reverse image search a picture from a large number of sites.

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Just installed umatrix, wow! thanks!

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I use All-in-One Sidebar, Add to Search Bar, Tree Style Tab, μBlock Origin, abcTajpu, Sun Cult, and Dictionary Switcher.

edit: btw, I'm using 56.2.2 (64-bit)

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One of the most trustworthy vpn's out there is mullvad. As for my favorite addons...

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Here is a list of the best security and privacy addons:


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I think these are the best extensions (addons), too :) Can't understand why someone would down-vote this comment?

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Because it's spammy and @anonymiss is using alts to upvote it's shitty posts and comments.

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Best list I've ever seen. I think down voting should be explained!

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Obvious shills (and alt accts) get downvoted.

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Well when I download a linux ISO then Download Them All is my favorite because it downloads like a torrent from multi sources at once.

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Ublock origin, Decentraleyes, Smart HTTPS, Cookie Autodelete, Fireshot, Video Download Professional, Privacy Possum, One click YouTube Downloader

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Browsec vpn is good.

I miss YARIP (Yet Another Remove It Permanently). It was the best element remover from web pages but developers abandoned it. When YARIP removed some element it stayed removed after reloading the page. Tried countless others but for most sites remove is not permanent.

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My personal favorite is keyconfig. I don't know how many times it's saved me when I accidentally fat finger Q instead of W. You can also adjust a bunch of others, but that's my mission-critical need.

My next favorite is Enhanced Cookie Manager: I've always liked the yes/no/allow for session options for cookies and this is far, far more convenient than the traditional way in every respect(both in making the setting easier to change back and avoiding dialog box hell if a site tries to set nine dozen cookies at once).

Tangentially, I also like the I Don't Care About Cookies addon: I already know a site is going to (try to) set cookies; I don't need that stupid warning bar reminding me(and requiring I set cookies to dismiss).

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