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It's a search engine that uses other search engines, but you can allow/disallow certain ones like google, wikipedia, etc. and it doesn't track you.

It even lets you download the source code if you wish.

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I really like the bang feature in DDG (!a for Amazon search, !stack for stack overflow, etc) Do you know if there is anything like that for searx.me?

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I do believe you can bang with searx.me

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using searx and start page, the page doesn't reload after closing the browser(waterfox).

eg: after restart the page clears and doesn't show what i searched for before on any tabs.

a privacy thing i imagine, but any way to change that?

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No. That's how it works.

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I just switched to Searx, thanks for the suggestion. If you have the Opera browser and want to add Searx.me, here's a video showing you how to do that:

Search keywords in Opera

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Opera is owned by Chinese

48.0%: Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Ltd. (Zhou Yahui)

27.5%: Qifei International Development Co. Limited (Qihoo 360)

19.5%: Keeneyes Future Holdings Inc (Zhou Yahui)

5.0%: Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I L.P.

Qihoo 360 is known to spy on users

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I'm getting terrible leftard results on ddg now anyway.

They probably started with every intention of shrinking the holding pen down to Bolshevik Google results.

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Lol! same here. a lot of info I used to find got shoah'ed real quick.

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You Faggots told me to use DuckDuckGo and now you are looking for alternative ones?.

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DDG doesn't have scripts embedded in every fucking page on the web, whereas Google does. The worst problems I'm aware of with DDG is that it doesn't get great results, and it may set some cookies.

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Things change. I used to use and promote DDG, now I don’t.

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yeah I really like their advanced search as default option.

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