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I think I've seen some of these accounts. They usually have themed named like "Kamala Harris is a..."

There's one of those that claims to be a female author and mother, yet she has had the time, allegedly, to post more than 77 thousand tweets in just over a year. I don't think so.

But, I have seen this the other way around as well with MAGA themed twitter accounts. I've seen the exact same posts being made by multiple accounts.

Lets just face it, twitter is a completely false system where the real participants are probably outweighed by bots by astronomical figures. Leave it and don't go back.

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Twitter has been full of bots and shit for nearly a decade (if not more).

Also 77k tweets might sound like a lot, but that's really about 200 or so a day. I definitely know some girls who easily text that amount, and I can imagine (albeit highly unlikely) that a shitty mother and "author" could tweet the same amount

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Tell us something we don’t know

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This is something we'd all expect from twitter, but let's pretend that the unlikely event of this claim being false is actually the case. I could easily make a post just like this, because all it does it make statements most of us would expect about twitter already, and it doesn't/can't label anything specific to prove it's an insider. It could very easily be one of "us" just weaving a story most of us already accept as very likely true.

It's this kind of use of 4chan and 8ch people should be cautious about. You always need to wonder who's making the posts. I've seen some serious chess games played, and sometimes threads will come down to out-predicted and out-maneuvering what the others will say, when it comes to shilling. This subject in particular is no big deal because even if this anon is wrong, it's not like we're going to hate Google and Twitter any less, and it's not like those companies haven't done horribly shady, corrupt shit. It still remains something people should keep in the forefront of their minds.

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Report it to the sec, let them figure out the legitimacy.

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You can troll AI as easily as you can troll humans. Lets see if the trolls can turn the AI in a pro-trump supporter within a week.

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It's not like that AI bot that became racist. It's using it's AI to conversate, not create opinions. Instead it disseminates them.

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If it is AI then it means that it learns. If it learns then it can be trolled into craziness. If you can't then it was never an AI in the first place.

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Someone needs to contact the sec.

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Fuckn duh...

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this needs to get to the normies... upvoat

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So build some as well. Bayou and scikit, etc. Or just ask them a deep question to point out their bothoood; works with human bots too. They should be fined for electioneering.