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"Don't be evil"

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Unless it's profitable.

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That slogan was always deeply creepy. I was always baffled why so many people actually bought it.

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They are trying to create an AI, for what? Who knows. I guess they think they can control it. Idiots.

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Would be fun to see a GDPR case on this become lawyer-bait for the next decade.

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I don’t know why people like that browser. It’s literally a google probe stuck up your ass that’s pretends to be a browser.

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I get really fucking tired of websites telling me I must us chrome to do basic shit. Like get directions or pay a bill. Switching to another provider is easier than switching my browser thank you very much.

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Available everywhere, sync "just works" it's easy to understand it's popularity. Many techies fail to understand average users.

No one really gives a shit about privacy, so that's a moot argument. If people did, Facebook and Alexa wouldn't exist.

Stop fighting and think how you can use these facts to enrich yourself, better use of time IMO.

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The sad part is people think that Blink is okay, even though there's never been an audit of the codebase.

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don't worry goats. on some androids you can ask for permission to spoof location. wonderful

[–] Weasel_Soup 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

They have access to our phones. They had since the begging. Why do you think companies in Commifornia like Google and Facebook were allowed to hold a monopoly? They are all government fronts.

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My family bust my balls cause I use Google and Microsoft stuff. I keep telling them, they monitor and record you whether you use their stuff or not. If you're already on the hook, might as well eat the worm.

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Nah why make it easier for them?

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The amount of easy for them that changes for them is tiny, the amount of harder for you is much more in comparison.

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There is a reason they took out the “Don’t be evil clause.”

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Just in time too..

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Big brother is watching us...

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