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Didnt we pay billions for a fiber optic network that never was mentuoned again after the payout?

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Yes we did, but there is so much red tape all of it got spent on lawyers and lawsuits. Ask me how I know...

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How do you know?

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Or some government sections of fiber communication were built, but are used as internal closed net.

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Sounds like your a Comcast customer haha

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Yes, we already gave them billions upon billions. They said, "Thanks Suckers!" ... now want more

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It blows my,mind how short people memiry is. Truly sheeple

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What do you expect from a service where you pay what you can first, then they decide what they'll give you afterwards? (government)

[–] Simonsaysgoat 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Painfully true

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It was spent fighting communities from making their own fiber networks

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ISPs are nothing more than bit-pushers. They are utilities. They should get regulated just like a water company or a phone company.

If they say they need tax money to run their businesses, then they've already bought the idiot politicians who will give it to them. And if they actually need the money, then they're fucking incompetent and should be allowed to rot.

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People forget that if they did get treated as a utility than nobody can be denied access.

Far Right/Alt Right/White Advocates would be protected by federal law and not able to be kicked off these platforms. Now we just deal with cartelization between every tech company to push an agenda.

"But they're all private companies goy!"

Private companies that hold a complete monopoly over this market. Good luck starting a CDN or legitimate competition. You are talking about an unreal level of investment and infrastructure, not a lemonade stand.

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You very much speak the truth. Me and a friend of mine seriously looked into what it would take to start our own ISP just a few years back, and it's INSANE!!

[–] Revision 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago  (edited ago)

we have a (i dont know what to call it) independent / local ISP here.... but I cant get it where I live. Same service Im getting now, half the price

and these goddam cocksuckers want more of my money thru taxes.... fuck them

[–] kjell 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You're local government may have laid the lines themselves. If so, they lease to local providers for cheap to stop big ISPs from price gouging. Usually, you only have an initial payment for a to your home. It's a good deal if they don't get bit connecting to a larger network.

It's the same with cable. It was cheap in Baltimore before comcast moved in during the 90s.

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idk, its over my head.. i wanna say the telecom but it would dox me.So im stuck with comcast, at 65 a month

[–] HorseIsDead 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Comcast's net income in 2017 was 23 billion dollars. That's not total revenue. That's after they paid their CEO 10 quadrillion dollars and the rest of their employees a few pennies. And the minimal work they did on infrastructure.

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Then they need to be regulated like them

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MOTHERFUCKERS same lie they told in the 80s toget a fistful of fucking blood money from the taxpayer, and did nothing.

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And again in the 90s. 1996 telecommunications act.

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They already received $400 b/million (? I can't remember which) and they told us to fuck off. Fine, you're an essential utility - now you're regulated by the government and have price caps, operation standards, all kinds of wondrous bureaucratic nonsense. Oh, and since you stole all that money, your company leaders are going to jail for life.

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This seems like a fair compromise. I'll allow it.

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At least $300 Billion, with a B. Millions? I wish it was that low. They were given 1/2 a years worth of special expenditure on Iraq during Bush Jr (Iraq war was NOT part of the standard military budget) to replace copper with fiber. They used the money to merge MA BELL mostly back together (anyone who says otherwise is a fucking paid shill for them, they quite literally say we don't compete with X company that is their sister company which has "ownership" of the lines across the street while in the same town).

No audit was ever done and 100% of the laying fiber projects were declared failures.

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Maybe they could start a go fund me page or something?

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