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I don't think you actually read the article. They are explicitly talking about racial diversity:
"Although it wasn’t done by design, ProtonMail has evolved to become a fairly diverse company, with more than a dozen nationalities represented on our team."
Then they go on to state that low-IQ African and Muslim invaders of Europe - which they refer to as "refugees" - will somehow help with the shortage of tech workers:
"Project Integration seeks to simultaneously address two problems, the shortage of skilled IT workers and the European refugee crisis."
What a fucking joke. If you want "diversity in tech" move your fucking operation to Somalia you stupid virtue-signalling fucks. And look at the photos of "tech diversity" in the article - a bunch of non-whites staring at computer screens. It was only AFTER they got called out for their anti-white "diversity" garbage that they tried to re-frame the whole thing being about "merit".
I'm starting to think you are also a nigger-loving faggot, just like the protoncucks.


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I did actually miss the refugee part. Definitely not a thing related to diversity of choice and merit based hiring. I think this press release was some time ago so they probably vanished into the well of idpol already.