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Pardon my cynicism but there are no long term options. People don't seem to understand that this sort of thing keeps going round and round in a pattern. Companies of some kind adopt some quality most people don't like, but there aren't better alternatives. Those alternatives come around, and people slowly migrate to them. As the alternative gets bigger and more successful, they begin to supplant the one that came before. Then, they're the big kid on the block, beholden to the bottom line and shareholders and any kikes who wormed their way in when it started succeeded, and before long, BOOM, the alternative is now just like the old company and the cycle repeats itself.

When companies become massive and make tons of profit or used by tons of people, they inevitably decline and become nothing but soulless money generating machines that are completely absent of any morality, and often loose touch with what made them successful in the first place.


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Yep, that's so true.

When there's a company making a lot of money, you can be sure there will be a bunch of jews infiltrating it.

That's the thing about publicly traded company, eventually it will mostly be owned by jews, cryptojews, or their proxies.