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are also a bunch of nigger-loving faggots who demand "diversity in tech"

I took the time to read that press release and lots of the comments below it. It's not what you immediate think of when you hear "diversity in tech," and they explicitly talk about merit being the only thing that matters. Plenty of comments are saying "look, you guys phrased this really badly and it sounds like identity politics, not meritocracy." If you read the release, they're talking about diversity solely in relation to increasing the number of potential people, who then get judged on skill.

I will say though, that with language like that, they were standing in the doorway of what everyone mistakenly thought they were talking about. And it sounds like cookie cutter virtue signaling. That release isn't enough on its own, but it definitely shows there's a good chance they'll go tumbling down the hillside of idpol if they haven't already.

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I don't think you actually read the article. They are explicitly talking about racial diversity:
"Although it wasn’t done by design, ProtonMail has evolved to become a fairly diverse company, with more than a dozen nationalities represented on our team."
Then they go on to state that low-IQ African and Muslim invaders of Europe - which they refer to as "refugees" - will somehow help with the shortage of tech workers:
"Project Integration seeks to simultaneously address two problems, the shortage of skilled IT workers and the European refugee crisis."
What a fucking joke. If you want "diversity in tech" move your fucking operation to Somalia you stupid virtue-signalling fucks. And look at the photos of "tech diversity" in the article - a bunch of non-whites staring at computer screens. It was only AFTER they got called out for their anti-white "diversity" garbage that they tried to re-frame the whole thing being about "merit".
I'm starting to think you are also a nigger-loving faggot, just like the protoncucks.

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I did actually miss the refugee part. Definitely not a thing related to diversity of choice and merit based hiring. I think this press release was some time ago so they probably vanished into the well of idpol already.

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If merit was the only thing that matters why do you need a press release or comments about diversity at all?

In a merit based business, competent people show up and work. Losers get fired. The world keeps spinning. The end.

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That's exactly what some of the comments said. Why bring up diversity if you're just talking about merit? They made the case that opening up their hiring pool from just the population of Switzerland to the entire world was an increase of diversity and something to appreciate, and sure it might be that based purely on numbers and the literal definition of what "diverse" actually means, but people were quick to point out that such a distinction was totally pointless.

They claimed that they didn't make a political post at all, but a couple users told them that by adding "diverse" into the mix, in today's modern politically charged social sphere, they definitely politicized it even if they didn't mean to.